The Guitar Theory Made Easy series serves to introduce to guitarists of all levels and genres to music theory, with a concentration on its practical application.

Too many theory books pad out the actual content with wasteful promises and lead-ups, creating a situation where the reader can actually miss the point! This series seeks to strip away all of that to become Books Without Fluff and get to the nitty gritty of practical guitar theory.

Book 1 – The Chromatic Scale introduces the chromatic scale to the guitarist. A somewhat uninspiring scale it’s the basis of all Western music. Its important is not to be understimated and here it’s given its pride of place underneath all that is music theory, in an easily accessible read. It can be found at Amazon here.

Building directly on the solid foundation that is Book 1, Book 2 – The Major Scale introduces to readers simple, repeatable ways to create their own major scales in any root. In this book the reader will learn a way to build their knowledge in bite-sized pieces, at their own pace, creating a memory map of the entire fretboard much more easily than most other “systems” with no reliance on boxes, CAGED patterns or shapes. This is real musicianship, not just another carbon copy method for sounding like everybody else! The Major Scale can be purchased from Amazon here.

Following on from the work done in Books 1 and 2 readers will learn a simple method for creating their own basic major, minor, and diminished chords in Book 3 – Basic Harmonization. They will learn how to create their own fingerings, breaking out of the rut-building box that chord books can create, find out how to easily identify a chord’s tonality, and blow away many items of theory terminology for the out-of-dateness and uselessness that they really are! Book 3 can be purchased from Amazon here.

Later in 2014 we will expand on Book 3 with Book 4 – Extended, Altered, and Suspended Chords and Voice Leading Chord Progressions.

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Each book in the series will have associated resources here on the site, such as neck diagrams, charts to aid your revision, and apps for your mobile device.

Also in the works is a secure online store where printed resources can be purchased.